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Trimpo is the first blockchain integrated marketplace and a service that helps merchants start selling on global marketplaces

Why Trimpo Will Grow?

Tremendous growth of e-commerce
Trade globalization
Reducing costs for each transaction
Everyone can use Trimpo: merchants, customers & suppliers
Trimpo is present at each stage of sales
Everybody earns with Trimpo: from delivery services to CPA & CPC agencies
Global analytics of all trends for any product
A real possibility for buying products with cryptocurrency
  • Supply of 500 000 000 tokens
  • Starting price of 1 Trimpo token = 1/400 ETH
  • Minimum purchase amount = 1 token or 0,0025 ETH
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Pre-Sale
  • 15.05.2018 - 15.07.2018
  • Target - 1000 ETH
  • Main-Sale
  • 15.08.2018 - 01.11.2018
  • Soft Cap - 5 000 ETH
  • Hard Cap - 30 000 ETH

Featured chart illustrates the allocation of funds in the event of Token Sale reaching Soft Cap

Token usage

  • Purchases at Trimpo marketplace
  • Customer loyalty program (e.g. cashback)
  • Commission fees for merchants
  • Service fees for suppliers
Trimpo Tokens Usage on Trimpo Marketplace
Trimpo Tokens Usage for Merchants


Q1-Q2 2017
  • Decision to create project Trimpo
  • Launch of Trimpo’s basic platform
  • Marketplaces eBay - integration of
    with Trimpo website
  • First investments received
  • Launch of subsystem Importer
Q3-Q4 2017
  • Marketplaces: eBay - integration with all eBay websites
  • Marketplaces: Amazon - integration with
  • Marketplaces: Yandex - integration with
  • Social networking websites: integration with VK
  • Exporter system - export of products’ listings into platforms formats (Google Merchant, XML for Yandex, Excel)
  • Integration with CMS
    Ecwid Insales

Plans for 2018-2019

2018, Q1-Q2
  • Trimpo Token Pre-Sale
  • Integration with Etsy Marketplace
  • Integration with Country Marketplaces
    on Amazon
  • CRM system for Trimpo users
2018, Q3-Q4
  • Registering as legal entity in USA
  • Trimpo Token Sale
  • Trimpo Blockchain Billing
  • Integration with AliExpress Marketplace
  • Integration with social networking website - Facebook
  • Integration with messengers - shops
    in Telegram’s channels
2019, Q1-Q2
  • Trimpo Marketplace beta
  • Platform for Suppliers beta
  • Integration with Marketplaces: Flipkart, Global.Rakuten, Walmart and others
  • Integration with messengers - WhatsApp and Facebook messenger
2019, Q3-Q4
  • Trimpo Marketplace
  • Platform for Suppliers

Ways of development

Ways of development
Soft Cap 5 000 ETH
15 000 ETH
Hard Cap 30 000 ETH
Declared RoadMap
Regional representative offices
North America
South America
Additional team of developers




1. What is Trimpo?

Trimpo is an e-commerce ecosystem; at present we provide a platform for merchants to manage their products and sales on worlds’ biggest marketplaces, namely eBay and Amazon, on social network VK and on Yandex.Market from their Trimpo account, as well as create price lists for CPC/PPC sales channels. Merchants list their products, indicate their sales conditions (e.g. delivery, payment), receive messages and feedback from users, etc. in their personal account at

We want to continue developing Trimpo ecosystem, and let our merchants sell on all large marketplaces (e.g. AliExpress, Etsy, Global.Rakuten, Flipkart, etc.) and give them the opportunity to integrate will all social networking websites and messengers; make it possible for the suppliers to sell their products directly to customers, and let the customers buy products at lower prices and with opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies.

2. Why is Trimpo running a Token Sale?

Trimpo started as a classic startup (we didn’t have a garage though, so we worked in a public library) in January 2017, our team - 3 people at that moment - decided to start working on the project. In six months after the beginning, after obtaining a number of clients, we received angel investments so we could continue developing the project and test the business idea.

Now we are at the new stage of project’s development, which requires further investments for faster growth and globalization of the project.

And that is precisely why we decided to hold a Token Sale.

This year we plan to realise the localization of the service in North America, China and India and provide local merchants with the opportunity to promptly and properly establish cross-border sales, and develop our platform for suppliers.

In order for us to deliver on these targets, quickly and thoroughly, we need:

  1. team’s professional competence - our team built Trimpo’s current platform in a year, so we are 100% sure that we will accomplish our goals
  2. ambition - we have a thorough understanding of the way e-commerce market operates and how it develops, and that’s why in the near future we will make Trimpo into half-billion-dollar company
  3. investments - which we will receive during Trimpo Tokensale

3. Why does Trimpo need blockchain?

Two important processes in Trimpo’s ecosystem require realisation through blockchain

  1. Trimpo Billing - fee payments for Trimpo services from merchants and suppliers will be made on the blockchain, where all the data (on billing, charges and payments), anonymous yet verifiable, will be stored. Which means that any investor can connect to the blockchain and perform an independent audit of Trimpo. This process will be implemented until the end of 2018.
  2. Trimpo Marketplace - payments for purchases will also be on blockchain by the means of smart-contracts, that will address the challenges of customer protection and seller protection for merchants and suppliers. Blockchain and smart-contracts will ensure that all payments are properly carried out.

4. How much will the services cost?

At present, services provided by Trimpo are free of charge. And they’ll continue to be so at least until Q4 2018, please see our roadmap - Trimpo Blockchain Billing. Our main objective is the realisation of as many opportunities as possible for our current and our future clients. We believe that at this point, while Trimpo is in active development stage, it isn’t right to charge our users. We want to invest our time and strength in Trimpo and create a service for our users, that will be exceptional and highly demanded.

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